AREAS of Expertise

Our Core Competencies Include:

Nuclear Nonproliferation/Counterproliferation

Preventing our adversaries from acquiring nuclear weapons or the materials to make them and building the capacity or our allies and partners to do the same.


Policy Support

Nonproliferation and counterproliferation policy development
Doctrine development

Planning and requirements definition


Operations Support

CONOPS development
Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs)
Standards and certifications

Nuclear disablement and elimination planning



Nuclear/radiological material security and removal
Treaty monitoring and verification
Training and Exercises

International logistics support

Physical Security

Strengthening the physical protection of high consequence facilities through secuirty system design and development of response force capabilities.


Security Policy and Procedure Development

    Vulnerability Assessments & Mitigation Strategies

    Physical Security System Design and Operation

Response Force Composition, Equipment, and Procedures


Emergency Management

Working with our customers to develop effective emergency response policies, procedures, and plans to minimize the impact of nuclear/radiological incidents and accidents.


Incident Management Command and Control
Development of response guidelines
On scene hazard assessment
Contamination control
Personal protective measures
Equipment selection
Contaminated casualty management
Response personnel training
Media relations


Developing and delivering exceptional technical training in each of our areas of expertise.



  - Vulnerability assessments & physical protection
      - Health Physics/Radiation Safety
      - Detection equipment selection & operations
      - Nuclear materials search techniques
      - Radioactive material identification
      - Incident Characterization
      - “Hot Line” Setup & Operations
      - Decontamination techniques
      - Contaminated casualty extraction


Exercise Support

Planning, developing, and executing realistic exercises that reinforce training, identify weaknesses, and provide lessons learned for our customers.


Exercise Development
  Goals, Training Objectives, & Scope
Scenario Design/Resource Requirements
  Master Scenario Event List (MSEL)

Exercise Execution
Exercise Controllers

Exercise Evaluators

Role Players

  Lessons Learned
Training plan development
Procedure revision
  Equipment recommendations


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